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A  dedicated to fostering the personal and professional growth of pattern designers at every level. Designed specifically for those who aspire to make their mark as successful creative entrepreneurs in the surface pattern design industry, this exclusive membership provides a platform for learning, networking, and honing your craft.


Gain access to a wealth of resources, including step-by-step tutorials, industry insights, and tailored feedback, all geared towards nurturing your skills and empowering your journey. Join my personal vibrant community of like-minded individuals, where collaboration and inspiration thrive. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your career and unleash your full potential in the exciting world of pattern design.


Inside the subscription

  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator & Procreate Training.

  • Learn to create complex prints & patterns

  • Explore different kinds of patterns across the globe

  • Free Resources & Cheat Sheets

  • Creating Social Media & Business Strategies

  • Personal, Social & Commercial Growth

  • Build Multiple Passive Income Streams

  • Step-by-step Tutorials

  • Opportunities to work on real projects

  • Process & Growth check

  • Monthly LIVE Classes

  • Building portfolio

  • Creating a Product and much more

As a passionate Surface pattern designer, I always welcome other artists & designers looking for guidance in making their own mark in the design industry, Creating this subscription is a commitment from me to my members. The focus on personal and professional growth resonates deeply with my aspirations, and I firmly believe that investing in this membership will be a transformative step toward realizing your dreams.

The opportunity to learn the systems for licensing your work to other companies is incredibly enticing, as it opens doors to not only generating extra income but also gaining the exposure you crave for your creations. This membership holds the key to unlocking your full potential as a creative entrepreneur. Working on real projects alongside me this also offers tailored resources, expert guidance, and a supportive community, I am confident that you'll develop the skills, knowledge, and connections necessary to thrive in this welcoming industry. Joining this subscription is going to be a vital next step in your artistic journey toward becoming a successful print & pattern designer, and I am eager to seize the chance to turn your passion into a fulfilling and prosperous career.

See you in the other size!



Monthly Subscription Fee
Listed in USD
I understand that everyone's circumstances and commitments vary, and I respect your freedom to choose. This subscription offers a flexible approach where no commitments are required. You can join and participate at your own pace, tailoring your involvement to align with your personal and professional priorities. I believe in empowering individuals to make choices that best suit their needs and I welcome you to explore this membership without any obligations. :)

Please Note - Access to all content and resources will be revoked on opting out .


You SAVE - $130 | One Time Fee for 12 Months
Listed in USD
I will be committed to your personal and professional growth for the next 12 Months, which is why I am pleased to inform you that access to all the content and resources from this subscription will be available to you indefinitely. I understand the importance of being able to track your progress and continue learning at your own pace. By providing perpetual access, My aim is to support you in your journey and ensure that you can refer back to the materials & resources whenever you need them. My commitment to your growth remains unwavering, and I will be dedicated to being a reliable resource for you throughout your creative entrepreneurship in the surface pattern design industry.

Have any questions?

Please write to me using the below form and I'll assist you within 24 Hrs.

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