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Roadmap Of Surface Pattern Designing

The career of Surface Pattern Designing is experiencing rapid growth in the present era, especially among female artists and designers. This career path allows for the flexibility of working from home while still engaging in creative endeavors. Moreover, it presents a plethora of opportunities to establish a dependable career by exploring various paths within the Surface Pattern Industry.



You might already have started asking questions about What is SPD & what challenges I might face in my career as an SPD.


This class takes you through the most overused term in the SPD industry 'Licensing' and learn about its pros and cons.


You know it's not just about designing prints for fabrics, right? It's time to know multiple income streams within this career.
Let your artistic expressions flourish.

What is SPD?

Surface pattern designing is an incredibly dynamic and exciting field that involves creating visually stunning designs and patterns for surfaces such as fabrics, wallpaper, and packaging. It's an ideal career choice for artists who want to combine their passion for art with a desire to commercialize their work.

With endless opportunities for artistic expression and a high demand for unique and eye-catching designs, surface pattern designing is the perfect choice for any artist looking to pursue a fulfilling and lucrative career. From designing clothing and accessories to creating stunning patterns for home decor and product packaging, surface pattern designers have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of industries and see their work come to life on a range of products.

With the potential for unlimited creativity and commercial success, surface pattern designing is an excellent choice for any artist seeking a dynamic and rewarding career.
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  • What is a Surface Pattern Design?
  • Why is this growing fast, especially among Female Artists and Designers?
  • Different career paths within this industry.
  • How does the system work?
  • Understand if SPD is really for you or not.
  • Tips on researching what’s In and what’s Out.
  • Standardized Software within the industry
  • Importance of a Portfolio
  • How to create an effective SPD Portfolio.
  • What is a Pattern Library and why is it important for your SPD Career?
  • Starting with Licensing and understanding different types of Licensing.
  • How to get started with SPD?
  • Ways to Pitch clients, brands, agents, or agencies
  • An Insight on Pricing Your Repeats
  • How different types of patterns, categories, clients, or even agencies affect the pricing of your designs.
  • Problems you might face while working as an SPD and how to recover from them.
  • Multiple ways to increase your passive income while still working for your clients.
  • How to use social media to attract more clients?

Fee - INR 3500 / USD 50

Oil Painting



  • What is a Surface Pattern Design?
  • Different career paths within this industry.
  • Understand if SPD is really for you or not.
  • How to create an effective SPD Portfolio.
  • What is a Pattern Library and why is it important.
  • What is Licensing and understanding different types of Licensing?
  • Important things before you plan a small business.
  • Identifying the best platforms to sell.
  • A brief insight into Taxation and Brand Registration (In India)
  • Developing new Product Ideas to start a small business.
  • Discussing Marketing Strategies.

Fee - INR 2000 / USD 30

Just A Hobby


In India, the term "artist" often brings to mind the image of someone painting walls or creating portraits, but there's so much more to it than that. Unfortunately, many people still don't understand the potential of a career in surface pattern design. They might ask, "But how will you make a living?" or "What else do you plan to do besides just making art?"

But fear not! Instead of feeling frustrated by these questions, let's use them as an opportunity to share our passion with others. I personally love waiting for people to ask me what I do, just so I can give them a free session on the amazing world of surface pattern design. It's so rewarding to see their faces light up when they realize how much potential there is in this field.

Of course, it's not always easy to convince our parents and friends that we can thrive as artists. But that's why it's important to educate ourselves and others on the commercial possibilities of our craft. It's not just about creating beautiful designs - it's about making a living doing what we love.

So let's continue to spread the word about surface pattern design, and show the world what we're capable of. Who knows, maybe one day we'll be the ones inspiring the next generation of artists!




Chandani Shah

Amazing Session!!! Just loved it and your struggle and experience and hard work showed all through the session. It was great to learn so much from you. I'm a big fan of you and your work. I came across your profile on Instagram and absolutely fell in love with it. I am always fascinated with art and thanks to you, Your session is amazing and today's session was a true delight!!!! Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to learning and interacting with you more!!! Keep inspiring people and be the same!!!
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