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LIVE CLASS | 19.06.2022

Roadmap Of Surface Pattern Designing (Version 2)

Surface Pattern Designing is one of the fastest-growing careers in today's era, especially among Female Artists and Designers. This gives you the freedom to work from your home while still being creative. It also opens a large number of opportunities to get complete reliability through choosing multiple directions within the Surface Pattern Industry.

In this class we will cover


Class topics -

1. What is a Surface Pattern Design?

2. Different career paths within this industry.

3. Understand if SPD is really for you or not.

4. Importance of a Portfolio

5. How to create an effective SPD Portfolio.

6. What is a Pattern Library and why is it important.

7. What is Licensing and understanding different types of Licensing?

8. Important things before you plan a small business.

9. Identifying the best platform to sell.

10. A brief insight on Taxation and Brand Registration (In India)

11. Product Ideas to start a small business.

12. Discussing Marketing Strategies.

Resources -

1. List of Manufacturers in India.

2. List of Creative Agencies worldwide.

Attend this LIVE Class at just

INR 2000 (USD 26)

Doors Closing in

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