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LIVE CLASS | 15.01.2023

How to work on Multiple Income Streams | Artist Edition

Being an artist is a dream for many people, but it can also be a challenging career path. One of the biggest fears for artists is the uncertainty of financial stability. It can be scary to not know where your next month's income is coming from, and the constant worry of financial insecurity can take a toll on your overall well-being. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make a living as an artist, but with determination, perseverance and making smart decisions it is possible to build a successful career in the arts. Don't let the fear of financial insecurity hold you back from pursuing your dreams!

In this class we will cover


It sucks that money is such a taboo topic, especially when talking about it with your friends, family, or your community members. It is very important to be open and discuss money so it not only helps you in understanding where you and your work stand but also it helps to save the standards of the industry. It's so important for artists to have access to information about how to make a living and more, so they can pursue their passion without worrying about financial stress. It's a sad reality that so many artists end up giving up on their dreams because of financial struggles, and that's a loss for everyone. We all get benefited from the beauty and positivity that art brings to our lives, and it's extremely important for artists to have the support they need to continue creating. It's really important for you as an artist to be proactive and seek out information about how to financially support yourself, so you can keep creating and sharing your art with others.

Here's the truth for you -

You will NEVER become a Millionaire just by creating artworks, You CAN become a Billionaire with the smart decisions you make alongside creating your artwork.

Class Highlights

How to develop a long-term friendship with Money.

Understanding Active & Passive Income and its importance.

Breaking down the possible ways to generate multiple incomes regularly.

How to practice patience & perseverance for long-term financial growth.

How to be consistent with your intentions and stay motivated with positive thoughts.

Techniques for manifesting your desired financial abundance.

How to start with investment and how it can change your life.

Strategies for generating stress-free incoming cash.

What is Cash Burn and how to stop it?

How to be flexible in creating multiple income opportunities.

Student's experience from previous sessions


Know your Teacher

Hi, I'm Nikhat Sheikh. Since I belong to a Middle-Class family I have seen many many dark days in my life financially. My days were changed when I stopped thinking within my limitations instead I started taking my limitations as my next target to achieve. In 2020 I've set myself free from all debts & loans which seemed like just a dream for a long. In these 2 years, I've completely changed my life and standards and brought so much peace to my home and to my family.


Do you know how? By creating Art and making smart decisions. yes, Art and no JOB. 100% from ART.


In 2022 I crossed all my previous records of earnings and built 8 easy-flowing Income Streams and generated way more than 2 Million INR, Got myself my first Car in cash, and traveled to more than 12 places by the year's end. Not to mention the stress-free life I lived and the time I spent laughing with my family & friends. This life always felt like a dream to me and I know it still is to many of you. I still live a grounded life coz I value money and understand the significance of burning cash. I'm just the girl from next door and I want you to trust in who you are and what you can do.



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