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A  perfectly designed subscription course for those who aspire to make their mark as successful creative entrepreneurs in the surface pattern design industry, this exclusive membership provides a platform for learning, networking, and honing your craft.


It's time to change your

Passion to Profession

Gain access to a wealth of resources, including step-by-step tutorials, industry insights, and tailored feedback, all geared towards nurturing your skills and empowering your journey. Join my personal vibrant community of like-minded individuals, where collaboration and inspiration thrive. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your career and unleash your full potential in the exciting world of pattern design.




In my journey spanning over a decade as a Surface Pattern Designer, I've distilled all my knowledge into a masterclass to spare you from the errors and time wasted on seeking straightforward solutions.

Throughout the years, my journey from ground zero to establishing a brand has been marked by my work being showcased on platforms such as Google, Pinterest, Benz Fashion Week, and beyond. This achievement has inspired me to extend my expertise and support to thousands of artists worldwide in the field of Surface Pattern Design.

Yup! I've walked the talk.

Okay, Just think about...

Getting the right tools to learn how to make quality patterns and build your own brand? I mean, sorting out all the little things that are stopping you from moving forward.

Having straightforward guides for all the intimidating technology and tools, so you can approach your first client with greater confidence and fewer uncertainties?

Learning to use the exact same methods I employ, from creating my own products to effectively pitching and collaborating with clients. I'll walk you through my process for showcasing my brand and show you how to make people say,

"I want this."

Sneak Peak inside PPDC

You're a creative person, full of ideas, but sometimes you doubt yourself because you don't have the knowledge or tools, and you're not sure where to begin. It's like you've woven a web of excuses, a cloud of hesitation that veils your dreams. But deep down, one thought keeps bothering you...


"I really want to create something."


This is precisely why you should explore what awaits you when you become a part of PPDC.

3 Main Pillars



Show your creativity with full expression through painting and experimenting.



Add the element of Design to your creations and make the art sellable.



Start selling your designs and learn the art of art commercialization.

Torch-Bearers of PPDC Community





Blue-Print of PPDC

While working on 3 Softwares Parallelly

Painting Motifs & Elements

Pattern Designing

Social Media Strategies

Building a Portfolio

Creating a Pattern Library

Pitching a Client

How to Freelance/License

Creating a Product

Setting up a Small Business

& More

What you will learn?

Step-by-Step Tutorials

3-4 Classes Every Month

Live & Pre-Recorded Sessions

Weekly Assignments

Progress Check

Telegram Community

Instant Interactions

PDFs & Templates

Cheatsheets & Resources

How you will learn?